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Human initiated movement and energy is the most powerful force felt by mankind. The force is originated and exchanged in many forms and is most frequently intangible in nature. Reflecting the energies and dynamic forces generated by this powerful Thai woman, Theeraporn Phuakkoh was my conquest. Her recent immigration to the U.S. was a result of her intensely focused energy; she attains her dreams through decisive, sensitive, and also fallible thoughts and emotions—she is responsible for her life, and purposefully creates her world of wonder.
Representing this human energy in a two-dimensional moment of time, using pigments and acrylic polymers, required a complex composition interwoven with emotional shapes and colors.
Each viewer is left with a distinct and individualize experience as an orchestra of visual impressions entwines together to capture the beautiful, intricate energies of this woman, her travels, her struggles, and her loves embraced and left behind.

This contemporary abstract portrait is 36" x 48" and uses a large range of polymers and acrylic mark-making materials.  The model provided several sittings for it's production




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About Mark T. Howard

Mark Howard, Surfing

Mark brings dreams to life as he unifies his global experiences and expanding talents. Mark constantly taps into fresh inspiration and finds new methods to bring you brilliant unique experiences with every masterpiece.

An award winning, artist, Mark currently resides on Oahu's North Shore.

His innovative style blends precise realism with abstract expressionism.

Notably, in 2009, Mark illustrated a children's book by author Mara Uman Hixon titled, "Sea Turtles A-Z" which won the Moonbeam, Independent Publishers Award.

Located in Waialua, HI • email Mark
Ph: (808) 358-0682

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