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75th Anniversary (sold) 75th Anniversary (sold)

75th Anniversary (sold)

Reproductions Available upon request

On the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, the survivors of the attack were presented a prestigious ceremony in their honor.  Part of this ceremony was a distinguished hula dance and song performed for them on Ford Island in front of the Arizona Memorial.  The performance was conducted by the Recca Family.  Joe Recca wrote and sang the song of gratitude and his daughter, Delys Recca performed the hula dance. 

Mark Howard was commissioned to capture this once-in-a-lifetime event in a painting.  Mr. Howard set out to capture three things: 1. the spirit of Hawaiiana and Hula, 2. the gratitude expressed to the survivors, and 3. the grace and beauty of the Ms. Delys Recca.  After the original painting was completed Mr. Howard felt compelled to paint this larger 40” x 30” presentation.

Delys Recca, the dancer portrayed is world renowned for her life time of island dance skills and honorable presentations.  She is a multiple year performer in the annual hula competition, the Merry Monarch Festival.  Ms. Recca is also a direct-line descendant of King Kamehameha. 




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Mark Howard, Surfing

Life-long painter, Mark Howard works in the 2-dimensional art form, with an astonishing array of styles and techniques. Howard has undergone decades of superior instruction, mentorship and self-development. Countless great master painters from Leonardo Di Vinci, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Picasso to Marc Rothko have greatly influenced Howard’s work. In this light, Howard’s main focus areas include: Plein Air, Life Painting, Impressionism, Cubism and Contemporary Abstraction.

Howard works in acrylics, oils and non-traditional mediums. He is an accomplished North Shore surfer; an award-winning illustrator; and has earned an MBA from Hawaii Pacific University, a BBA, and a BA in Art from University of Hawaii Manoa.

Howard resides in Waialua, on Oahu’s North Shore.

Located in Waialua, HI • email Mark
Ph: (808) 358-0682