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By Micah T. Hauck

Piece was selected for the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, 36th Annual “Commitment to Excellence” Art Exhibition 2014, at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

With confident strokes, Micah T. Hauck expresses his personal movements through Hawaiian Island terrain.  Whether his experiences are lost in the Waikiki high rises or speeding down a winding country road on the north shore of Oahu, Hauck reveals his experiences with bold mark-making across the entire canvas.  Portraying motion, angles and turns, Hauck naturally brings forth impressions of distance, shifting vanishing points, fragmented shapes and penetrating light.  Keeping the eye and mind busy, solid shapes crumble as they vanish from view while vertical and horizontal features become illusively tilted beyond their natural form.  Hauck's work weaves active stokes of color into competing or harmonious shapes, thus expressing concepts of depth, speed, centrifugal force and kinetic energy. Hauck works in the areas of plein air, realism and heavy textures.  Micah T. Hauck is a pseudonym for Mark T. Howard.




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About Mark T. Howard

Mark Howard, Surfing

Mark brings dreams to life as he unifies his global experiences and expanding talents. Mark constantly taps into fresh inspiration and finds new methods to bring you brilliant unique experiences with every masterpiece.

An award winning, artist, Mark currently resides on Oahu's North Shore.

His innovative style blends precise realism with abstract expressionism.

Notably, in 2009, Mark illustrated a children's book by author Mara Uman Hixon titled, "Sea Turtles A-Z" which won the Moonbeam, Independent Publishers Award.

Located in Waialua, HI • email Mark
Ph: (808) 358-0682

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